Shirish Kunder next will be woman centric crime thriller!

Shirish Kunder next will be woman centric crime thriller!

After debacle of “Tees Maar Khan” and “Joker” director Shirish Kunder is gearing up for his next film which will be female centric crime thriller.

Talking exclusively at the launch of book “Color me rich” by Mohan Deep, Shirish Kunder revealed about his project and said, “I have written a script which is a female centric crime thriller. The script is in the casting stage. I want someone who is well known in the lead to get a specific budget for the film.”

The film is yet in the casting stage. Talking about the Actor preference, Shirish Kunder further added, “More than look she has to be a great performer because the film is performance oriented. It is different from anything I have attempted before.”

Taking lesson from his past film debacle he said, “In the past I tried to make it more commercial but this time I will go with my complete conviction. I am focusing actor more than star”

In the recent time lot of new actress launched and showed their talent but Shirish does not agree with it completely he said, “There are not actor but great looking people in the industry. They are beautiful stars but genuine performers are very few”

Shirish agree the film is a make or break for him so he does not want to hurry but wait for the right casting.

Shirish Kunder has made films like “Jaan-e-man” with Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta, in 2010 he directed “Tees maar khan” with Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif which was the box office disaster. In 2012 he Directed “Joker” with Akshay Kumar again but it turned out to be a debacle and sour the relationship between Shirish and Akshay Kumar.

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