Shraddha Kapoor receives an ultimatum!

Shraddha Kapoor receives an ultimatum!

Shraddha, who has been keeping busy for a few months now, has been asked by her friends to take some time out for them.

The young actress has been doing back-to-back shoots for the past six months. In fact, her schedule has been so hectic that she has not been able to spend time with her friends and family. As a result, when she recently returned to the city from Shillong, Meghalaya, where she was shooting for Rock On-2, a few of her friends ordered her to be present at a get-together that they had planned.

A source close to Shraddha says, “Her friends have asked her to keep three hours aside for them on one of the coming days, as she has not been able to meet them since a long time.”

The 26-year-old will soon leave for Bangkok, Thailand, for the schedule of her next, opposite Tiger Shroff. The source says, “Shraddha has been really busy since the past few months, and her schedule will continue to be like this. So, her childhood friends want to catch up with her before she leaves the city again. They will come over to her house for lunch one of these days.”

Shraddha confirmed the news, and said, “The day I landed in Mumbai from Shillong, I got a call from one of my friends informing me about the plan. They had already spoken to my parents and my team, and had figured everything out. It has been long pending. I am really looking forward to this little reunion. There is a lot to catch up on.”

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