Sonam Kapoor’s “Neerja” Will NOT Release in Pakistan

Sonam Kapoor’s “Neerja” Will NOT Release in Pakistan

Sonam Kapoor just took to twitter account and confirmed that “Neerja” will not be releasing in Pakistan.

“Extremely disheartened that #Neerja isn’t releasing this Friday in Pakistan. She was awarded by them & I hope they will salute her again” Tweets Sonam Kapoor.

Based on True Story of a brave flight attendant Neerja Bhanot, who not only saved Indian Lives but Pakistani lives as well and she has been awarded from Pakistan and India as well.

“She saved Pakistani lives, and I can guarantee that Pakistan hasn’t been shown in a poor light, I really hope and pray #Neerja releases.” Tweets Sonam Kapoor.

Despite immense efforts from the team “Neerja”, the Sonam Kapoor starrer will NOT be releasing in Pakistan but Sonam Kapoor is now aiming for worldwide release.

“When #Neerja releases worldwide and people see how fair the film is, I’m hopeful that it will result in a solution to a release in Pakistan.” Tweet Sonam.

Earlier the reports said that since Sonam’s film shows the Pakistanis in bad light, the CBFC wasn’t willing to issue a NOC to the movie. In fact, the film has also been banned from being aired on Cable TV later on. Now this is indeed some bad news for the makers of Neerja!

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