Subhash Ghai encourages the need of more Kid’s Content

Subhash Ghai encourages the need of more Kid’s Content

Filmmaker and visionary of Whistling Woods International, Subhash Ghai recently attended the prominent FICCI Frames Media & Entertainment Industry Conclave. The legendary director was a speaker amongst many of the top personalities like Ashish Kulkarni, Mukesh Khanna, M.Srinivasan, Rajiv Chilaka, Nishit Takia and Nina Jajpuria  who had gathered to discuss their opinions on the most crucial issue currently prevailing that India needs Kid’s Content Act.

The owner of the most established filmmaking and  media institute in Mumbai, Subhash Ghai commenced the discussion with his strong viewpoints that today’s children lack the knowledge of their own Indian culture and values.  Children are the future of our country and the journey from a boy to a man is influenced by many people around him like his parents, school teachers, friends and most impactful one – Cinema. A young toddler has the most broadest vision as it is ready to think beyond any limits. The content which prevail currently make a child go away from his own culture and allows him to grab values of other countries. Kid’s today are aware about foreign superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spiderman etc but little do they know about our Indian heroes who were in Mahabharata or Ramayan. These days younger lots feel talking or believing in our own culture is like an uncool thing. Therefore an act is strongly required to condemn our today’s generation from being under the influence of west and this act should jointly be in effort with our directors, writers,distributors and all those who are behind the camera. Need of good content and creative people have to be recognized and  encouraged to make such kind of films which will educate our children. Recalling an incident, the director adds that once he had asked a MBA graduate student whether she was aware who was the father of lord Rama and the student didn’t have any answer. The incident left a big thought in the director’s mind that how the generation is lacking the knowledge of their own superheroes which are in large numbers in our vast history.

Concluding the discussion on a positive note, the director shared that Whistling Woods has already initiated their bit in educating the youth by introducing creative art (dance, drama, poetry) in 110 CBSE schools and the number is still on counting. He ended by supporting a strong statement made from his co-panelist Nishit Takia that after Make in India we strongly need one ‘Make an Indian’

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