Subhash Ghai, Mahesh Bhatt, Farah Khan Unveils Rakesh Anand Bakshi’s new book!

Subhash Ghai, Mahesh Bhatt, Farah Khan Unveils Rakesh Anand Bakshi’s new book!

Rakesh Anand Bakshi son of famous Poet Anand Bakshi is back on literature circuit with his upcoming book “Director’s Diary, The Road of Their First Film” which was unveiled yesterday. The book was launched by Director Subhash Ghai, Mahesh Bhatt, Farah Khan, Vishal Bhardwaj, Prakash Jha and Abhishek Kapoor.

Rakesh Anand Bakshi’s ‘Directors’ Diaries – The Road To Their First Film’ published by Harper Collins India.

“Film Industry is an Army of Generals and to get so many directors in stage to launch a book, it is a miracle” says Subhash Ghai.

In Directors Diaries, Rakesh Bakshi talks about twelve of the most iconic film-makers of our time, their struggle, fears, family and inspirations.

Farah Khan talked of how she’d avoid coming home because her father would rent out their hall to card players, and Mahesh Bhatt was just as open about growing up with a Muslim mother while having a Hindu father who never stayed the night.

Subhash Ghai, on the other hand, talked of how his love for music saved him from drowning emotionally. In school he was attracted to art, music, dance and drama, and his teachers adored him.

Imtiaz Alis’ transformative experience as a reader during summer vacations, locked in a room; Govind Nihalanis visits with his father to temples in Udaipur, which influenced him as a cinematographer and filmmaker; Ashutosh Gowarikers disappointment at faring poorly in his board exams and being forced give up his dream to study architecture, which led him to seek avenues in theatre, folk dance, group singing, elocution contests in college, eventually leading him to cinema.

How Vishal Bhardwaj composed his history lessons as songs so he could memorize them, and how he accompanied his friend on the harmonium at food festivals in Pragati Maidan to earn a livelihood.

An invaluable record of Hindi cinemas old and new voices and a study of the changing face of it, Directors Diaries is also an inspiring account of people battling great odds to achieve their dreams.

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