Sunny leone message to Husbands around the world!

Sunny leone message to Husbands around the world!

The former Indo Canadian porn star Sunny leone is a current heart throb of India who is riding high with Bollywood has become the household name in the country. Known for her sleazy and sexy avatar in Bollywood sunny advice to husbands all around the world keep you wife happy to have happy life.

At an event of “Chennai Swaggers team of BCL season 2” where Sunny unveiled the swag sward showed her love in sports as well as revealed about her happy married life.

Sunny leone said, “I married my best friend. He is somebody I want to be around every single moment of the day. Each relationship is different and we all have our issue but if you are normal healthy couple then your try to sort it out and it’s all about compromise.”

My message to the husband out there is happy wife happy life.”

Talking about her sports love Sunny also revealed that she was sports junkie.

“I love playing sports ever since I was kid. I played soccer, foot ball, Shoot hockey, I was a figure skater. I was in a ping pong team. I played basket ball, volley ball. I played so many sports while growing up. I love outdoor activity and sports.”

Sunny leone is looking forward to attend as many games as possible for Chennai swaggers.

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