Surajya Sanhita: A Journey of Good Governance

Good governance is something everyone wants, especially in today’s age when we are surrounded by the chaos of the governance crisis. India has a history of great rulers and minds which were exceptionally good at governing. But it seems like we forgot those great minds their legends. Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi director and writer of the show “Chanakya” is back to with another masterpiece “Surajya Sanhita” to revive all those great rulers who were exceptional in governance in the mind of the Indian audience.

Surajya Sanhita is a new show which will be telecast on Lok Sabha TV really soon. The serial will show the journey of good governance from Vedic age to Vardhans. The Trailer has been released on YouTube Channel of Lok Sabha TV. The concept of the show is relevant in today’s scenario like never before.

The trailer is appealing and the production value also seems to be big. Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s “Chanakya” is considered a classic and people still show their love to that serial. Now we need to see if the audience will show the same love to “Surajya Sanhita” or not.

By Vikas

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