Swara Bhaskar “Shocked” by Delhi Police For Assaulting Students

Swara Bhaskar “Shocked” by Delhi Police For Assaulting Students

Swara Bhaskar, says recent fiascos by Delhi Police and goons made her shocked, scared and she condemns it.
Born to Naval Officer, Swara Bhaskar doesn’t lack girt nor courage, she recently went on record not only condemning the recent trashing Delhi police along with goons, gave to student protesting outside RSS office in Delhi but also admit it made her scared for her own safety.

“Democracy, Peaceful and non-violent protest is every citizen’s right. I am just wondering, what were the circumstances that made Delhi Police to charge harmless girl students with Sticks and beat them mercilessly” says Swara.

‘I was shocked to watch it. First thing I felt fear, because I remember 5 years ago, I could have been on that road, and taking trashing like those students took by the hands of Police” says Sawara.

Delhi Police personnel along with local goons were caught on tape, mercilessly thrashing students, especially girls, who were protesting against the death of the Dalit scholar of Hyderabad University, Rohith Vemula. The video was uploaded by anonymous source online and it went viral within seconds.

“I wasn’t part of Justice for Rohith march, but some of my friends were present in the march, and they sent me those video clips. One could easily witness that Delhi Police along with some plain clothed goons are mercilessly trashing students, especially girls” says Swara.

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