‘Swaragini’ sisters bond off-screen

‘Swaragini’ sisters bond off-screen

We have always seen the ‘Swaragini’ sisters- Swara and Ragini at loggerheads on the show but these two are inseparable souls off-screen.

Yes we are talking about Helly Shah (Swara) and Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar (Ragini).

Wondering why we are saying this?

Well, Read on to know..

Tejaswi wants to celebrate Diwali with Helly by calling her at her home for the festival and when quizzed her about what she would like to gift Helly this diwali.

“More than gifting her (Helly) anything I would like to call her at my place, so that she can spend the day with my family. As her family is not around in town, I am sure she will miss them a lot. With my family around her, hopefully she will have a good time.”

So are they spending the diwali together?

“For sure, we will, quips Tejaswi.

Awww that’s really so cute!

We wish this bond continues forever.

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