Taapsee Pannu “The Homecoming” Short Film

Taapsee Pannu “The Homecoming” Short Film

“To celebrate relationship, it is short film for this Diwali,” says actress Taapsee Pannu at the launch of her short film “The Homecoming.”

Piyush Mishra, Amit Sadh, Taapsee Pannu, Pyumori Mehta and Angel have shared the frame for a short film-The Homecoming, which aims to tell the importance of a family.

“I did two short films recently; one of them is being screened here. We have made these films with great difficulty. I have worked 20 hours a day. I completed the short films in two days. When you will watch it, you will definitely shed a tear, as I have shed during reading and making it,” shares Taapsee Pannu.

“The Homecoming” is a seven-minute short film, which has the festival of Diwali as its backdrop, captures the journey of a couple who want to move into their son’s home, when the son and his wife make them feel at home with thoughtful changes in the house.

“Working with Piyush Mishra has been really interesting. This is first time I am working with him, working with such a huge actor has been a memorable experience,” expresses Taapsee.

“Writing a short film is a difficult task. It usually takes 2 hours to convey emotions and messages but to do that in 6-7 minutes is a big challenge. To enact, work, shoot and making a short film, making audience feel what other takes two hours to make them feel, has been a different kind of challenge for actors,” says Taapsee.

The film is directed by Vinay Jaiswal of Creative Wings Studio.

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