Tariq Khan gets the Credit for my acting debut – Mahesh Bhatt

Tariq Khan gets the Credit for my acting debut – Mahesh Bhatt

Neo-Noir and drama oriented filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is turning a page in his life, he is making his acting debut in forthcoming ‘The Dark Side Of Life: Mumbai City’ helmed by Tariq Khan.

During his recent media interaction, Mahesh Bhatt talked about his acting debut choice and credited the newbie filmmaker Tariq for his acting stint.

Talking about his acting debut, Mahesh Bhatt said, “Tariq Khan is good and decent human being. He came to me with this role, and he insisted that I take up this role. And I have always supported new and honest talent, and Tariq is one such guy. I liked him immediately; he came straight to the point in a very simple manner”

“He explained the character to me of this Muslim father, whose is living alone and his son lives in the USA. And he keeps a Hindu boy in his house a tenant. Tariq has treated this relationship very sensitively, especially in a city where people reach that point of giving up on life, commit suicide. So there was this message for these people, to keep on living and struggling with life. I liked that message a lot because suicide is such a reality which society hasn’t deal with. I think we are in danger from ourselves, so I liked this core as well”

Further adding Mahesh Bhatt expressed that Tariq Khan guided him on every step of the way, as he is not an actor. He said, “Tariq Khan made me do everything. I am not an actor, he told me what to do and I did it. He said jump, I jumped. The entire credit goes to Tariq Khan. I think I really can’t take any credit”

The movie also stars Avi Pardasani, KK Menon, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, Neha Khan and Alisha Khan. This movie has been backed by Rajesh Pardasani.

Newbie Avi Pardasani plays the role of Hindu Boy, who lives with Mahesh Bhatt’s character Zulfikar in the film. Talking about working with the newbie, Mahesh said, “He is such a sensitive child. I liked him the moment I saw him. I really wanted to hug him the moment I see him. He is such a sweet child”

Mahesh Bhatt also added that the plot and core of the film are different and he feels that it is essential that brave filmmaker like Tariq should be supported.

He said, “Suicide is 21st centuries’ self-generated disease. The dark side of human nature, we are our biggest enemies. This plot has been successfully handled; this is a very unusual plot and handled beautifully. The filmmaker doesn’t make films like, they just cannot get over the entertainment genre. So when someone comes up with a different kind of cinema, it is essential that we support him and I have supported him”

Further adding, Mahesh Bhatt also added that if “Hindu and Muslim” in India doesn’t live like two sides of a coin, they will soon perish.

“If Hindu and Muslim in India don’t start living like twosidese of one coin, they will soon perish. India has a lot of colors, and one such color is green, which represent Muslims, and it is part of our country. Muslims are getting alienated, which is dangerous for the destiny of a nation”

The film is slated for 5th October 2018 release.

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