The more you show yourself, the more you connect – Shahroz Ali Khan from Big Bat Films

From event management to producing films, Shahroz Ali Khan, the co-producer of Big Bat Films is all set to conquer the world of Cinema. The charismatic young Ali has finished one film, which is due release and has already started the several others.

Talking about his journey from managing the events to creating stories for celluloid, Ali said, “I started with event management, did great things in Dubai. I managed events, celebrities and the works, now I am ready with my first film, which is due release in two months. We are doing some touch up work in post production. I am feeling blessed. My second project is about to on floors, which is bigger and better in terms of budget. And I have also lined up another, my third film, which is even bigger than the previous two”

“We are growing and I am happy about it. See, I have been a general manager, a CEO in a multimillion dollar company but my dream has been Bollywood. I was waiting for the right time and blessings from almighty”

Talking about his first releases, Ali said, “The first movie is very different. We have shot the film in Greece and the locations we have covered, even Greeks don’t visit there. So it is the most beautiful part of the world, which most haven’t seen. This movie is youth-centric but belongs to the horror genre. It is not like old horror films, it has modern youth connectivity to it”

Shahroz Ali is open to all genre and texture of the film, as long as the content and story resonate quality and substance. He said, “It’s not about the genre, we look out for the right script and right director. See we are just a small company but with our products lined up one after another, people have started to respond favorably. I am not going to reveal the name, but a big director, whom I admire; he called me personally and expressed his desire to work with me. For me this is an achievement. This director makes hit films every year and I have lined up my fourth film with him”

Shahroz Ali Khan has also interest in other elements of production, such as music albums. Talking about his vast approach to Business, he said, “It is not just about movies, we want to establish our production house. Movies production is time-consuming, but we want to be in the market every month, the brand recall value. The more you show yourself, the more you connect with the audience. So every 3-4 month a movie is coming out but we are coming out with a music video every month. We want to produce good content, especially for the international market, which has never seen before”

Apart from movies and music album, Ali is aiming for the 360-degree approach for the expansion of his production house, which also includes documentaries and film festivals. Talking about other projects in the pipeline, Ali said. “We are coming out with documentaries, which we can take to festivals.  We are also coming out with two movies at the same time. One is for mass entertainment and one for awards to show creation and creativity. So we are trying to maintain the balance of creativity, quality, and entertainment quotient”

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