The Problem Of Intolerance In Our Society Is Constantly On Rise : Swara Bhaskar

The Problem Of Intolerance In Our Society Is Constantly On Rise : Swara Bhaskar

Beautiful actress Sawara Bhaskar, who is well known for powerful performances in ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and ‘Ranjhanna’ among others, was all present yesterday at the  press meet of upcoming Bollywood film, ‘Timeout’.

The gorgeous, critically acclaimed actress over there spoke on one of the major issues of, ‘Intolerence’ which day-by-day is on rise among people in our society.

As Swara said, “It’s indeed very sad that the problem of Intolerance is on rise in our society. To be honest, I do find it very strange, especially in country like India. India has always been multi diverse country, not from now, but right from Indus valley civilization. So it’s very strange that the society in which we live is getting increasingly intolerant. Meanwhile, our phones are getting smarter and smarter , our malls are getting fancier and our cars are getting in numbered, but people here are still very intolerant about others choices and options. The best example being meat ban in different states. Apart from meat ban controversy, there are also other things like thought, view, sexuality etc. So I strongly do feel that its very sad that the intolerance level is on rise here in our Indian society.”

Talking about ‘Timeout’, Swara was present at the press meet of the same to show case her support to the film.

The film has newcomers in form of Chirag Malhotra, Pranay Panchauri and Aditya Jain among others.

The film has been directed by Rikhil Bahadur.

‘Timeout’, will release on 25th of September.