Tiger Shroff – I keep My Father Away From My Professional Life

Tiger Shroff – I keep My Father Away From My Professional Life

By News Helpline

Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff, known as the action hero of the new generation, said he usually keeps his father, Jackie Shroff, away from his professional life.

Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani and Ahmed Khan hosted a press junket for to share a special video of action sequences from his upcoming film ‘Baaghi 2’ with the media.

During his media interaction Tiger talked about his Father Jackie Shroff, being worried about his action stunts and that is the reason the young actor keeps his father away from his professional life.

Tiger said, “I keep my Father away from my professional life, especially because I do such dangerous things on-screen. So I don’t tell him the night before that I am doing a dangerous action sequence”

“I think naturally, he is my father, so obviously he would be worried. Otherwise he is quite a bindass man, but in this matter he is little worried”

Being an action superstar Tiger Shroff also mentioned the crucial role that every stuntman plays on the set of any action film, Tiger said, “I feel there should be more safety and respect paid to the stuntmen who are working with us constantly.

“Every day they are risking their lives. They are literally stepping out of their house, saying ‘goodbye’ to their family without knowing if they will go back home alive. Considering that, they get very less recognition”

‘Baaghi 2’ releases on March 30.