Valentine day perfect for ‘Is She Raju’ trailer launch says Director Rahul Kumar Shukla

Valentine day perfect for ‘Is She Raju’ trailer launch says Director Rahul Kumar Shukla

The cast and crew of, ‘Is She Raju’ celebrated Valentines Day by releasing the comedy drama’s trailer.

The film that celebrates love and friendship talks about the struggle between your dreams and your real relationships and the sacrifices made.

Talking about the film’s title and its significance, actor Amit Bhel said, “The story is also very different and so is the title. When I first heard it I thought this is a very unique title, and when I heard the story of the film, I realized that yes this title has a definitive reason which makes it even more exciting.”

Talking about the trailer launch, filmmaker Rahul Kumar said, “Story is about friends, their moments together, about love, hardship, friendship and more, and I don’t think any other day would have been appropriate than Valentine’s Day, which is a day to celebrate love, not necessarily between two lovers, it could be between friends”

The film also stars Lapataganj fame Abbas Khan, Amit Bhel. The story revolves around a group of friends and the most embarrassing and regretful moments of their life.

The female lead actress Aditi Bhagat while talking about her experience on set said, “I had so much fun which shooting for the film. My director and co-stars were so supportive and helpful. I used to take lessons from them mid shoots to do a better job as an actor. It was challenging but so much fun too. I hope I have done justice to my character.”

The film will also see actors, Nadeem Khan, Yashpaal, and Saurabh Sharma in pivotal roles.

Produced by Anju Dhingra and directed Rahul Kumar Shukla, ‘Is she, Raju?’ will release on 8th March.