Varun Dhawan is The Best Co-star Says Banita Sandhu

Varun Dhawan is The Best Co-star Says Banita Sandhu

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“Varun Dhawan is the best Co-Star” says Debutante Banita Sandhu, who is paired opposite “Judwaa 2” actor in forthcoming October.

Banita Sandhu hails from Wales and geared up with her acting debut in October, directed by Shoojit Sircar.

Talking about working with star actor newbie Banita Sandhu said, “Varun Dhawan is the best co-star I could have asked for, it is not because of his fan following or his success at the box-office, it is generally because he is a very nice humble person”

“It was also sweet because, for him, it is like his first film as well. He has never done anything like this and you will see a completely different side of him. This is why I keep saying that this film will shock people”

Banita Sandhu has worked with Shoojit Sircar before in a commercial but had no idea about superstar Varun Dhawan.

She said, “I seriously had no idea who he was before. Like I said, my interaction with Bollywood was my mother. So the vision I had of Bollywood was her generation. People like Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan, and Salman Khan, but I had no idea about Varun Dhawan. When I signed the film I did my research and found out about the young generation of actors. Now I know who Varun is and seen some of his films”

Banita also added that “ignorance” about Varun’s star power worked in her benefit as it took away the pressure of working with the superstar.

Talking about pressure Banita said, “There was no pressure to work with Varun Dhawan. Because I think sometimes ignorance is bliss, not knowing his stardom and star power before filming actually worked in my benefit. For me, he was just a normal guy and actor, there was no pressure. I think there was more pressure for Varun than me. As I have nothing to lose, for him it is very experimental”

“October” is slated to release on April 13, 2018.

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