Vikas Bahl :- You can’t stop Pankaj kapur once he starts dancing

Vikas Bahl :- You can’t stop Pankaj kapur once he starts dancing

Director Vikas Bahl said that veteran Actor Pankaj Kapur is not only a good dancer but once he starts; it’s hard to stop him!

“Raaita Phail Gaya” latest song from upcoming Shahid kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Pankaj Kapur and Sanjay Kapoor starrer Shaandaar was unveiled yesterday.

Song is foot-tapping club number, which is fun and quirky, as there is hardly any choregraphy in the song.

All the characters from the movie are compiled in the song, doing crazy and random dance move.

Pankaj kapur who will be seen sharing the screen-space with son, Shahid Kapoor, for the first time in this Dream wedding destination love story, rocked the song, with his out of this world dance moves.

“Once he started dancing there was no stopping him. I mean, what you see here is an edited version. He started dancing and we were waiting, when he will stop, but he didn’t stop. He showed all his moves in one epic performance. But he was fabulous,” said Vikas Bahl.

“In this song, he is showing only one move, but his entire performance was one and an half hour long. Entire unit was on floors, looking at him dance,” adds Vikas.

Shaandaar opens in theater on 22nd October.

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