Vikas Casted Sanah In ‘Shaandar’ Without Even Letting Me Know About It : Shahid Kapoor

Vikas Casted Sanah In ‘Shaandar’ Without Even Letting Me Know About It : Shahid Kapoor

Filmmaker Vikas Bahl’s directorial venture ‘Shaandaar’ has been in buzz all across from pretty long time.

The film’s lead actors, Bollywood heartthrob Shahid Kapoor and the chirpy Alia Bhatt along with Vikas were all present yesterday at a suburban Hotel in Mumbai following the film’s first song launch.

During interaction with media, Shahid stated that he was very surprised  when he came to know that his little sister Sanah is part of the film, as Vikas never let him now until the shoot of the film.

As Shahid said, “Vikas never let me know that he has casted Sanah in the film. I do think Vikas met herthrough Mukesh Chabbra. So I do think that without telling me Sanah was wanting to be an actor, following which she was trying to figure out the same. And after which she met Vikas and auditioned for her role. Before I knew it.”

“It was indeed very surprising that one day Vikas calling me and letting me know that Sanah has been casted to play Alia’s sister in ‘Shaandaar’, and I must add that Sanah has a very important role.” Added the actor.

Talking about the same Vikas said, “Amazing  thing about Sanah was, she came for the audition without letting anyone know who really she is or where she is from. Sanah just came, like every other normal person who come for audition. Following which she passed the audition and got selected to play Alia’s sister. And it was only later that I came to know that she is Shahid’s sister.”

Talking about ‘Shaandaar’, apart from Shahid, Alia and Sanah, ‘Shaandaar’ also stars Pankaj Kapur and Sanjay Kapoor among others.

The film will hit big screens on 22nd October on eve of Dussherra.

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