Vishal-Madhurima’s Fight Leads Them To Forget Their Performance On Stage

Vishal-Madhurima’s Fight Leads Them To Forget Their Performance On Stage

Ex-couple Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli have been in the news for their harsh behaviour against each other on Nach Baliye 9 since Day 1, and yet again we hear that they had a tiff during the rehearsals which led to them not rehearsing for their upcoming performance.

As per sources, Vishal and Madhurima got into a huge fight last week due to which they did not want to meet each other for rehearsals throughout the week. It was a day before the final shoot that they decided to put their differences aside and rehearsed for 8 hours.

But as fate would have it, Vishal forgot his steps on stage and despite Madhurima pushing him to continue dancing multiple times, he left the performance mid-way. This attitude of Vishal left the judges Ahmed Khan and Raveena Tandon furious. Ahmed expressed his anger as he felt he gave up too easily and did not act a professional.

He said, “I was very upset that you gave up Vishal. You are an artist and knowing you, I expected you to pick it up from where you stopped but you simply aborted the entire performance. You both are fighters; you’ll have come back as wild card entries. It was a simple act on the flat stage, not aerial not water, so, I do not understand your excuse. I am getting upset and emotional because I know you could have done it but you did not.”

To add to this, our sources reveal, “The theme this week is costume drama. But they say, when one thing goes wrong, everything starts falling apart too. The team had to change 3 costumes since the first two got damaged due to multiple reasons and their act was shot last during the shoot day.”

After all this Madhurima broke into tears and to everyone’s surprise, Vishal hugged her and apologized her for his mistake. But since they started off well, Raveena gave them a chance to perform once again without giving them scores.

Will this mistake lead to their elimination?

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