We Should Hang Rapist Without Mercy – Sushmita Sen

We Should Hang Rapist Without Mercy – Sushmita Sen

International diva Sushmita Sen hosted a press junket to mark 24th anniversary of her Miss Universe Title win. During her media interaction the global beauty shared strong opinion about hanging “Gang Rapist” without Mercy or understanding.

During press-junket Sushmita Sen shared an incident about being harassed and misbehaved in public gathering by a young teenager boy, though the actress didn’t take any action against the little boy, but added that grown men indulging in much worse, doesn’t need any understanding or mercy.

Talking about the incident, she said, “Six months ago at an award function, a 15-year old boy misbehaved with me as he thought I wouldn’t realize because of the crowd around. And like always say learn something about self-defence, so I grabbed his hand from my behind and pulled him out. I was shocked to see he was just 15”

Further adding Sushmita Sen said she didn’t take any action against the boy, as she understood quickly that he doesn’t know any better. She said, “I held him by his neck and took him for a walk. I told him if I make a hue and cry, his life would be over. He denied having misbehaved at first but I sternly told him to acknowledge. I didn’t ging take action against him because I understood that the 15-year-old was not taught that such things are an offence and not entertainment”

But Sushmita added that she strongly believe that grown men, who indulge in much worse activities, should be hanged. She said, “But to grown men, who are in our country indulging in worse and gang-rapes, they should be hanged without a doubt. There should be no mercy or understanding for it, and start hanging them and you will understand what a consequence is, loud and clear, whether you’re in a city or a village. This is strongly believe and then we will think of mercy and better place to live in”

Actress Sushmita Sen was last seen in 2015 release Nirbaak, also starring Jisshu Sengupta, Ritwick Chakraborty and Anjan Dutt.

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