Why Shahid Kapoor is scared of little brother Ishaan!

Why Shahid Kapoor is scared of little brother Ishaan!

Shahid Kapoor is scared of his younger brother Ishaan not because he is gaining popularity among paparazzi but he is very critical about Shahid’s performances in the movies.

Sharing his younger brother’s critical side Shahid said, “Ishaan is very big critic of my films and I am scared to show him any film of mine because he is very critical.”

About other family member’s criticism on his performances Shahid said, “Dad’s seldom criticism is always appreciative. For my mom even my biggest flops are blockbusters in her head and sister Sana is always supportive.”

On the launch of brother Ishaan as an actor in the showbiz Shahid said, “He is too small for a launch now. He is just 19 year old. when I was 23 when I did my first film.”

He further shared. “I did not get roles because people used to tell me grow your beard. With Ishaan is the same he still needs to grow up. God has been very kind that people are noticing him which is good because I have given many auditions.”