With “Aapla Manus” we have managed to achieve center point between commercial and experimental film says Nana Patekar

With “Aapla Manus” we have managed to achieve center point between commercial and experimental film says Nana Patekar

By New Helpline

Veteran actor launched trailer of his upcoming Marathi film ‘Aapla Manus’ along with Viacom 18’s COO Ajit Andhare, Sumeet Raghavan, Iravati Harshe, Satish Rajwade and Abhinav Shukla on Thursday in Mumbai. During media interaction Nana Patekar said that with ‘Aapla Manus’, they have managed to achieve center point between commercial and experimental film.

Nowadays, Hindi films actors and producers are working in Marathi films industry more often so when asked Patekar reason for that, he said, “I feel when you get great outcome of a certain thing then you tend to focus on that aspect. We all are blessed to have rich Marathi literature with us so, it becomes easy for makers to create good content and now, Marathi audiences are also open for new and fresh ideas and concepts but in Hindi film industry we doesn’t see that because there, any kind of films works because they invest large budgets but here in Marathi films, makers has to think about money recovery aspect of film. I think ‘Aapla Manus’ has been able to achieve to center point between commercial and experimental film”

When asked Patekar about experience working in ‘Aapla Manus’, he said, “Makers of the film allotted us 45 days to shoot the film but we finished shooting of this film in 41 days so, I feel it becomes clear when you are ready with script and your concepts are clear relating to a film. After that, all artists in the film were ready for shoot and we didn’t used to have much discussion about shooting a certain scene because they were very clear about tasks which were assigned to them. We have seasoned writer and director in the film who comes from theatre background so we didn’t faced any difficulties while shooting the film and you can’t describe genre of this in film one line so, it’s up to the audience to decide what kind of film we are offering them”

Nana Patekar has played role of Police officers in many films like ‘Yashwant’, ‘Ab Tak Chhappan” and now in ‘Aapla Manus’ so when asked Patekar what are differences in all his police officer  characters, he said, “My character Sadhu Agashe from ‘Ab Tak Chhappan’ and Nagargoje from ‘Aapla Manus’, these are two different human beings. Both characters has different back stories in those respective films. The only similarity about both these characters is that both are fearless police officers and they are not worried about the consequences.”

‘Aapla Manus’ explores the story of a young couple living with the man’s father, juggling the pressures of urban life and managing the complexity of relationships. An unexpected incident forces them to question their beliefs about their life and family.

‘Aapla Manus’ is presented by Viacom 18 Pictures which stars veteran actor Nana Patekar alongside Sumeet Raghavan and Irawati Harshe. The film, produced by Ajay Devgn Fflims, Abhinav Shukla & Watergate Marathi Motion Pictures in association with Shree Gajanan Chitra, is directed by Satish Rajwade.

‘Aapla Manus’ is scheduled to release on 9th February, 2018.

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