World’s first deaf audience friendly movie “The Silent Heroes”

World’s first deaf audience friendly movie “The Silent Heroes”

Movie watching is a journey to the different world. The kind of movies made around the world is usually people who are normal and without any hearing or visual challenges.

Renowned Indian film maker, Mahesh Bhatt is debuting with a film  named “The Silent Heroes” which is specially for the deaf community of the world. It is considered to be the first movie for the deaf audience.

In an interview director Mahesh Bhatt spoke about the uniqueness of the film, he said,” The silent heroes is the film which is releasing with the open caption. Open cation  is different from subtitles as subtitles contains just dialog in written format where as open caption will have every important sound including dialog in written format. This film can be watched by any deaf community on its releasing day.”

He further said, ” For the first time 13 real deaf children have worked in a film. This film is also featuring 13 real deaf children as an artist. We can call it as neo-realistic film as well.”

“The Silent Heroes” is a film about 13 real deaf children who through mountaineering want to prove that they are different but not disabled.

The film will release on 11 December via PVR through PAN India and within a week of release the film will have its online global release as well for the audience abroad.

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