Yami Gautam “Brand Endorsement is Important”

Yami Gautam “Brand Endorsement is Important”

“Gadgets Plays an Important role in this new age,” says beautiful young and vibrant actress Yami Gautam at the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 here in Mumbai.

Vicky Donor famed actress Yami Gautam launched the new and state of the art Samsung Galaxy Note 5 here in Mumbai.

The actress talks about her first phone and importance of gadgets in her life.

“I am not a gadget freak, but we live in age of technology and of course, I am on all the social networking sites and that’s where gadget plays an important role. I travel a lot and we don’t get to spend time with our family so we have to take a lot of video and pictures and share,” says Yami.

Yami Gautam doesn’t mince words or beat around the bush, when it comes to endorsing products, despite recent “Maggie” fiasco.

“Endorsing brands are an important sphere for actors and actress. Especially, when it comes to endorsing technology, gadgets and cosmetics brands. Brand endorsing sphere is important and why it shouldn’t be?” says Yami Gautam.

Now when owing mobile-phone is like having pencil and rubber, actress still remember her first phone, which she got from her father.

“I still remember my first phone. I got my first phone in my college. Actually it wasn’t mine, it was my father’s but he needed a new phone, so I got his phone. I was so excited. I would carry it to my college,” shares Yami.

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