Yuvraj Thakur Openly Accepted His Love For His Lover

Yuvraj Thakur Openly Accepted His Love For His Lover

Yuvraj Thakur Openly Accepted His Love For His Lover
by-Harshita Gusain

“Yes” its shocking but its true Yuvraj Thakur openly confessed his love for his lover and she is none other bigg boss contestant VJ Bani Judge. Yuvraj Thakur is an actor by profession and you have seen him in many popular shows like Bade Ache Lagte Hain, Humse Hai Life Yaaron and Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. Bani is also a well known VJ and has been seen in the tv reality show bigg boss season 11 hosted by Salman Khan. In the show Bani many a times talks about her boyfriend but never confessed his name in front of the public.















This started with the conversation of Bani and Nitibha where Bani told Nitibha about her love story and never taken her lovers name. She told Nitibha that they both met in the gym and slowly became good buddies and after sometime they both started feeling for each other. Bani and Yuvraj are serious for each other. They both tried a lot to hide there love affair.


















Same as Bani, Yuvraj also tried a lot to hide there relationship, he always talk about his love life but indirectly. He posted a picture where he was holding the hand of bani and confessed about his love but it was a half picture where only there hands are visible.

But finally Yuvraj has revealed everything about there realtionship as he posted a clear picture with Bani and it is really a heart warming photograph. It seems like now they don’t want to hide about there relationship from there fans. There picture has been captioned with very heart touching lines which clearly shows his love for Bani.

He captioned there photograph like this;

This is the point where I dissolved into everything and became nothing. Now I am her and she is me. I lost myself only to find that the one whose lost was never me, could never be me. Because in life there’s nothing to lose or win. Wherever she is that’s the most sacred place in the world for me, that’s my holy ground, that’s my spiritual practice, that’s where I fail miserably, that’s where I rise gloriously, that’s where I set my demons free, that’s where I let them run wild, this place is nothing and so it’s everything. . .


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And just after posting this picture he posted one more picture where the two was enjoying a bike ride. And he captioned that picture like this;

“How beautiful it is to just keep going. Keep moving to somewhere we don’t know about, we won’t ever know about because we don’t wanna know, we just wanna be where we are, this is the place where everything is changing, roads, turns, terrains, skyscrapers, grounds, mountains, what might be ahead of us and what’s left behind, except one thing that remains a little longer than any other form around and that’s you with me, me with you, we with each other, keep sitting with me till you can, keep holding me tight, I am fading by each passing moment. I knew that I’ll fade, I knew that everything will change, I also knew that if I change, if I fade, I would like to fade upon you, I would like to have you as my background, I would like to be noticed under your sky like presence. I would fade into you, to be you. .

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Yuvraj has openly accepted there relationship in front of everyone, now fans are waiting for bani to accept it openly without being shy.

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