Zindagi to air ‘Qaid-e-tanhai’

Zindagi to air ‘Qaid-e-tanhai’

Zindagi has now strengthened its afternoon slot by engaging its viewers with a new Pakistani show ‘Qaid-e-tanhai.

‘Qaid-e-tanhai’, will be replacing the show ‘tanhai’ on Zindagi in afternoon slot.

Produced by A & B productions and written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Babar Javed, ‘Qaid-e-tanhai’, starring Savera Nadeem, Faisal Qureshi, Saba Hameed and Suneeta Marshall is a story about how the absence of compassion and attention can ruin a relationship.

The Plot of ‘Qaid-e-tanhai’:

‘’Qaid-e-tanhai’ is the story of a couple Aisha and Moiz who love each other. Then are separated due to family and financial pressures that Aisha’s mother-in-law had on Moiz. Aisha did not want Moiz to go overseas insisting that the family isn’t in any major financial trouble.

Influenced by his mom Moiz goes overseas to earn money for his family leaving Aisha devastated with her daughter behind.

He works hard to earn money and befriends a female named Aneela. Moiz annoys Aisha by telling her about Aneela and Aisha is mad at him. Aneela and Moiz are obviously dating at this point. Worried, depressed Aisha waits for Moiz to come to Pakistan to visit her but he does not come.

Years pass but he doesn’t come influenced by his mother. In the meantime Noor is growing up, Aisha’s daughter is fond of Javed and thinks him as his father.

The job Moiz was supposed to by raising his kids and being a support for his wife, another man Javed does.

Javed eventually falls in love with Aisha and proposes her. She rejects, but is later softened by his talk. Aisha demands divorce from Moiz to marry Javed.

Moiz then decides to visit Pakistan with his son, 14 years after the  death of Aneela.

So will Moiz and Aisha finally reunite? How will Noor react to her father’s presence? How will Javed deal with this situation?

Keep watching this show to know the answers.

‘Qaid-e-tanhai will be aired from September 28 at 2:00 pm every Monday-Saturday on Zindagi.

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