Baahubali-100% Paisa vasool !

Baahubali-100% Paisa vasool !

Akshay Wadhwa

The most fancy and expensive Telugu movie which has given great competition to the top blockbusters of the film industry.

The film begins with the queen of Mahismathi,  Sivagami (Ramya Krishna) who leaves a newborn child down the hills near the bank of a river to save his life from enemies. The people around the river bank saw this child and raises him and name him as Sivudhu (Prabhas). As the story is forwarded Suvidhu is shown as a young man. Suvidhu always had the desire of climbing up the mountains, the story revolves around figuring out the reason that tempts Suvidhu to climb up and his connection with Mahismathi kingdom. The movie is to be released in two parts, this part has an abrupt ending and the concluding plot is likely to be released next year which is almost predictable.

For the incomparable visuals; strong portrayal of women in several roles; for great battle scenes; captivating story line; and mostly for your own entertainment , this movie is a Must Watch!

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