Bhojpuri Actress Sangeeta Tiwari Celebrate Birthday!

Bhojpuri Actress Sangeeta Tiwari Celebrate Birthday!

Bhojpuri actress Sangeeta Tiwari celebrated her birthday last night with Vinay Anand and Rakhi Sawant among many other prominent guests.

“Thank you so much for your good wishes. I am so happy today because I am celebrating my birthday party, so it is special moment for me. All my special guests and special friends are here with me” says actress.

Sangeeta Tiwari made her debut in Bhojpuri film Jaibe Sajana Ke Desh, in which she played the leading role opposite Raj Khanna. This was followed by yet another Bhojpuri film Devarji, in which Krishna Abhishek played the lead, opposite her.

“On 25th my new movie is starting, Ek Kahani Julie Ki, so I need support all your support. One of my hindi film is complete, we shot extensively in Europe, Tere Mere Darmiyaan, directed by Raju. It is an excellent movie, just need blessing from you all” says Sangeeta.

Expert Kathak dancer, multi-lingual actress, Sangeeta Tiwari is climbing ladder of success and popularity with her art of acting and dancing.

“So far I have worked in south, few Bhojuri films, Rajasthani Films and Telugu Films” says Sangeeta.

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