Indravati and Padmavati to compete for ‘Raj Nartika’

Indravati and Padmavati to compete for ‘Raj Nartika’

Colors evergreen show, ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ is definitely an eye candy these days with the revenge drama of Indravati.

As per the current track, we have witnessed that Simar is shocked to know that she killed Indravati and Ranaji (Prem) in her previous birth.

But she feels that something is not right and decides to visit her past again and find out the truth herself.

Simar is heartbroken with Ranaji’s (Prem) accusation against her.

On the other hand, in order to win back Prem, Simar has requested Indravati to stay back in the house for next 8 days and promises that she would go away from Prem’s life once Roli is back.

Now with the help of Mar Simar visits her past and will be shocked to see some facts.


A source from the show revealed, “Simar will get to understand that Padmavati and Indravati would be getting ready to participate in ‘Raj Nartika’ contest, wherein the winner would go to the kingdom of Thakur (Dheeraj Dhoopar) as his celebrated dancer. With Indravati falling for Thakur, she will want to win the dance by hook or by crook. Though Indravati would be a weaker dancer before Padmavati, Simar will see that Padmavati will even promise to lose the battle, so that Indravati gets her man.”

Infact, after that also Indravati will use the power of black magic to win the battle.

She will purposefully make Padmavati to have a drink after which she will be unwell and the stage would be set for the battle.

Indravati and Padmavati’s father will stand by Padmavati because he knows that she is a good dancer.

So who will finally win the battle?

What will Simar see in her flashback that will shock her?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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