It’s Just A Myth That People In Small Town Aren’t Much Interested In Films : Imtiaz Ali

It’s Just A Myth That People In Small Town Aren’t Much Interested In Films : Imtiaz Ali

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali who is well know all across following his super-hit directorial ventures ‘Jab We Met’, ‘Love Aaj Kal’, ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Highway’, was present yesterday at a suburban multiplex in Mumbai following the on-going 6th Jagran Film Festival.

The talented filmmaker over there stated that  it’s common myth among people that only people from big cities like Mumbai and Delhi enjoy watching films.

As the versatile filmmaker said, “I strongly feel that since I’m from a small town, I know the significance of cinema in small town. It’s just a common myth among people in big cities that people from small town don’t have much craze for cinema. But the truth is, its exact the opposite. People from small town too are as interested in films, like the people in big cities.”

“The interesting thing which I feel about Jagran Film Festival is, apart from big cities like Mumbai, Delhi and others. This film festival also takes place in rural areas and various small towns across India. And the people over there are introduced with the modern cinema, and also the enthusiasm among people over there are developed with such film festivals.” Added imtiaz.

When asked, is any film which he would love to watch at ‘Jagran Film Festival’, the filmmaker said, “I’m yet to come across the list of cinemas which are to be showcased this year here (Jagran Fim Festival). I would love to watch those cinemas which usually we don’t come across in theatres in India. The cinema from or abroad or even those Indian cinema, which has not got a theatrical release. So I would love to watch those kind of unique films.”

Imtiaz who also is busy these days following the promotions of ‘Tamasha’, was asked about the same at the event.

To which he replied, “Hopefully everything will be good on 27th November (film’s release date. The response so far which we have been receiving following the film’s trailer is very positive.”

Talking about ‘Tamasha’, the film has Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor and the gorgeous Deepika Padukone in lead.

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