Kunal Kemmu threw ‘Guddu Ki Gun’ directors out of his house

Kunal Kemmu threw ‘Guddu Ki Gun’ directors out of his house

‘Traffic Signal’ actor Kunal Kemmu says that he was so shocked by the short concept narration of ‘Guddu Ki Gun’ that he threw directors Shantanu Chhibber and Sheershak Anand out of his house, but eventually giving them the chance to give a full narration and then agreeing to do the film.

“I was totally shocked that they could even think something like that and asked them to leave my house. But Shantanu and Sheershak then insisted that I at least hear them out or read the synopsis, so I agreed. And when they narrated me the script, I couldn’t stop laughing,” said Kunal.


The comedy film’s  story revolves around Kunal’s character who strangely finds his private part turned into gold – resulting in chaotic situations throughout the film.

This happens as a result of this  Bihari washing powder businessman works his magic over ‘Bhabis’ of the town referring to his prized possession  as ‘khara sona’ (pure gold).

This strange news spreads everywhere and everybody including the media persons and gangsters want to ‘lay their hands’ on the ‘gun’.

The trailer has already gone viral with more than 1.3 million views already registered.

Soha Ali Khan, Kunal’s better half tweeted, “Golden praises for #GuddukiGun-trailer gets One Million hits in 48 hours congratulation.”

The film also stars Payal Sarkar & Aparna Sharma.

It is gearing up for release on 30 October.

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