No One Thought I Could Ever Be an Actor : Irrfan Khan

No One Thought I Could Ever Be an Actor  : Irrfan Khan

National Award Winning actor Irrfan Khan who is been in the film industry for over two decades, is one among those in the Indian Film Industry who constantly loves to push his limits with each and every characters in his films.

The versatile actor who is mostly known for his serious and intense roles, was all present yesterday at the trailer launch of his upcoming release ‘Jazbaa’.

The actor at the launch event was asked about the party song spoof which he did fir ‘AIB’, as he was asked, was it to reinvent himself and go beyond all the limits and take back to back challenges with roles offered to him.

Irrfan said, “I must say I have proved myself wrong in all these years, as no one ever imagined I could ever become an actor. The interesting thing however is, like all the people even I never thought that I could be an actor, but it was kind of a drive which pushed me to do it.”

“I think there is an instinct in me which hates formalities, and which tries to see things in right definition. I think I’m here to refine things, as I hate conventional things. So it’s an instinct and not thought out or planned thing to portray different characters in different films. Honestly, if there is a formal atmosphere there is this in stinct which will try to disrupt it. So I think it’s a God given curse or blessing in whichever way you want you can say.” Added by actor.

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