कोरोना ने तोड़ी कमर, 2020 की पहली छमाही में बॉलिवुड को 1565 करोड़ रुपये का नुकसान!

Box office collection comparison: साल 2020 के फर्स्ट हॉफ में साल 2019 की तुलना में 1565 करोड़ रुपये का नुकसान हुआ है। अभी कुछ भी तय नहीं कि कब सिनेमाघरों को खोला जाएगा।

Sujata Singh Ruling The Cover Song And Live Gig World

Young and beautiful singer Sujata Singh is blessed with one of the most unique textural and velvety voice, and her fans cannot seems to get enough of her cover songs. Re-defining the old classics with uniqueness and velvety tone, Sujata has gained popularity and fans which is both impressive and inspiring. One of many songs, […]

DAYA BAI : Bidita Bag walked barefoot

Bollywood has come a long way from doing the run of mill masala flicks. Nowadays, content-driven quality cinema is beginning to dominate the scene which means the actors also have newer and challenging avenues to work with. Of course being professionals, most actors put in a lot of hard work and dedication into their roles. […]