Indian Army

Rishiking and Byom pays tribute to Indian Army with Jai Hind song

Composer and rapper aka Rishiking is back on the circuit with his new anthem song dedicated to Army Officers. The song is titled Jai Hind and presented by Ree Musical. The heartfelt ode to Indian Army officers is written by P Narahari IAS and composed by Rishiking. The song is crooned by Rishiking and Jatinder […]

“The Hidden Strike” a film on valour of the Indian armed forces

Crystal movies are coming with “The Hidden Strike”.   The streaming giant’s diverse content has been lapped up by audiences all over and their upcoming Independence Day release pays a soulful tribute to our unsung heroes in uniform. “The Hidden Strike” is an action thriller inspired by the courage, gut, and valour of the Indian armed […]