Zee tv launches ‘Kala Tikka’

Zee tv launches ‘Kala Tikka’

Zee tv is all set to launch its new show ‘Kala Tikka’ by the talented duo Tony and Deeya Singh under the banner DJ’s  A Creative Unit.

This show is all about religion and superstition that still exists in our Indian society.

As per the promo the storyline is about one girl protecting the another one as her kaala tikka to ward away any evils that will accompany the child.

Speaking about the show Tony says, “We always believe in trying out different genres and thus after a light hearted comedy, we present this dramatic serial. We are still in the process of the final developments in the cast and content. Give us some time and we will announce the show officially soon.”

As per the reports, Daljeet Kaur and Bhupinder Singh have been roped in by the makers of the show. Bhupinder Singh is currently seen in Star Plus show, ‘Tere Sheher mein’.

Well! It seems to be an interesting concept but let’s wait and watch if it will be able to connect with the viewers and to ward off the superstitions that our society is being surrounded around.